Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Genetic algorithm used to design broadband metamaterial | KurzweilAI

Genetic algorithm used to design broadband metamaterial | KurzweilAI: "...this is the first that can cover a super-octave [more than doubling] bandwidth in the infrared spectrum...”

The new metamaterial is actually made of layers on a silicon substrate or base. The first layer is palladium, followed by a polyimide (plastic) layer and a palladium screen layer on top. The screen has elaborate, complicated cutouts — sub-wavelength geometry — that serve to block the various wavelengths. A polyimide layer caps the whole absorber...

This evolved metamaterial can be easily manufactured because it is simply layers of metal or plastic that do not need complex alignment. The clear cap of polyimide serves to protect the screen, but also helps reduce any impedance mismatch that might occur when the wave moves from the air into the device...

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