Monday, July 8, 2013

'Holographic Duality' Hints at Hidden Subatomic World - Wired Science

'Holographic Duality' Hints at Hidden Subatomic World - Wired Science; If strongly correlated matter is thought of as “living” on the 2-D surface of a pond, the holographic duality suggests that the extreme turbulence on that surface is mathematically equivalent to still waters in the interior. Physicists can get at the surface-level behavior by studying the parallel, but much simpler, situation below...

In the mathematical parlance of the holographic duality, certain strongly correlated matter in 2-D corresponds, in 3-D, to a black hole.... “These very complicated quantum mechanical collective effects are beautifully captured by black hole physics... For strongly correlated systems, if you put an electron into the system, it will immediately ‘disappear’ — you can no longer track it.” It’s like an object falling into a black hole.

To determine a formula for the conductivity of cuprates, Horowitz and Santos had to study how light would interact with the complicated horizon of their black hole... In the new work, they extended the calculation down to the temperature range in which cuprates become superconductive, or conduct electricity with no resistance, and again found a close match with experimental measurements of real cuprates.

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