Monday, August 20, 2012

First Atomtronic Radio Broadcasts Matter Waves

First Atomtronic Radio Broadcasts Matter Waves: Their atomtronic circuit generates an oscillating atom current that emits matter waves in which atoms carry energy through space.
The heart of their device is an atomtronic transistor--an optomagnetic trap with three compartments that can hold a Bose Einstein Condensate of rubidium atoms cooled almost to absolute zero...
Caliga and co initiate their atomtronic transistor by filling the source compartment with rubidium atoms. This process is like charging a capacitor: it produces a chemical potential that pushes atoms through the device, just as electric potential drives electrons.
They then lower the barriers to allow atoms to tunnel into the gate. Of course, the atoms can tunnel back again, which leads to the oscillation.
The atoms are also able to tunnel from the gate to the drain and out of the device. This is the matter wave emission.

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