Friday, June 29, 2012

CultureLab: Cyborg makes art using seventh sense

CultureLab: Cyborg makes art using seventh sense: Colour is basically hue, saturation, and light. Right now, I can see light in shades of grey, but I can’t see its saturation or hue. This gadget detects the light’s hue, and converts the light into a sound frequency that I can hear as a note [wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency so it can easily convert the wavelength of the light into a sound frequency].
It also translates the saturation of the colour into volume. So if it’s a vivid red I will hear it more loudly.

All the translation happens in a chip on the back of my neck - it's all held by pressure onto the bone. It stays there all the time when I go to bed. In September I'm having it osteointegrated - which means that part of the device will be put inside my bone in a hospital in Barcelona and then the sound will resonate much better then. It took a year to convince them that it was ethical and part of me.

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