Thursday, March 1, 2012

Graphyne Could Be Better Than Graphene

Graphyne Could Be Better Than Graphene: ...The simulations show that graphyne's conduction electrons should travel extremely fast—as they do in graphene—but in only one direction...
Electrically, graphene's structure has also been considered unique. In most materials, conduction electrons—the particles that carry electric current—have an energy that depends on the square of their momentum. Graphene's electronic energy levels, however, stack into shapes called Dirac cones, which allow conduction electrons to travel with an energy that is directly proportional to their momentum. As a result, the electrons travel as though they were massless, the way particles of light do—in other words, very fast.
Graphyne is similar to graphene in that it is also a two-dimensional structure of carbon. Unlike graphene, though, graphyne contains double and triple bonds and its atoms do not always have a hexagonal arrangement. Indeed, there may be a vast number of possible graphynes, each with the double and triple bonds in slightly different arrangements...

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