Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Now, An Invisibility Cloak You Can See - Science News

Now, An Invisibility Cloak You Can See - Science News: The new carpet cloak made by Gharghi’s team team is a sheet of silicon nitride draped over a bump. Usually, light striking this bulge would scatter, revealing the anomaly. But thousands of tiny holes of different sizes etched into the silicon nitride guide the light, hiding the bump and anything concealed beneath it. Light over a wide range of colors behaves as if striking a flat surface instead, the researchers report in the July 13 Nano Letters.

“The experimental demonstration at blue, green and red light looks impressive..."

Its magic works only for light moving in a particular two-dimensional plane. Creating a 3-D silicon nitride bump capable of tricking light coming from any direction would be difficult with the techniques used in this experiment...

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