Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dark matter may be an illusion caused by the quantum vacuum

Dark matter may be an illusion caused by the quantum vacuum: “I suggest a third way, without introducing dark matter and without modification of the law of gravity.”
His ideas (like those in the previous paper) rest on the key hypothesis that matter and antimatter are gravitationally repulsive, which is due to the fact that particles and antiparticles have gravitational charge of opposite sign...
“Concerning gravity, mainstream physics assumes that there is only one gravitational charge (identified with the inertial mass) while I have assumed that, as in the case of electromagnetic interactions, there are two gravitational charges: positive gravitational charge for matter and negative gravitational charge for antimatter,” Hajdukovic explained...
He also derives the famous Tully-Fisher relation as a consequence of the gravitational repulsion between matter and antimatter. This relation is an empirical law based on numerical data collected by numerous observations of galaxies and clusters of galaxies, and is still unexplained in the framework of dark matter hypotheses.

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