Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scientists discover new water waves

Scientists discover new water waves: By precisely shaking a container of shallow water, researchers have observed wave behavior that has never been seen before. In a new study, Jean Rajchenbach, Alphonse Leroux, and Didier Clamond of the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis in Nice, France, have reported the observation of two new types of standing waves in water, one of which has never been observed before in any media...
“These waves are both strongly localized, and stationary,” Rajchenbach told PhysOrg.com. “Until now, two main classes of water solitary waves had been described: propagative solitons (the famous 'Korteweg de Vries’) and envelope solitons (described by the nonlinear Schrodinger Equation), consisting of a large wave packet enveloping a large number of arches of 'carrier' waves. The observed waves belong to a different category of solitary waves.”

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