Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Robot With Your Face - Technology Review

A Robot With Your Face - Technology Review: "It's slated to go on sale next year and sets out to solve a major problem as seen with the two robots already on the market: while a person inhabiting an Anybot or VGo robot gets a good(ish) view of their prosthetic body's surroundings and the people around it, those people don't get a good view of the operator's face.

Anybots' robot displays only a still photo of the current user, while VGo's machines have a very small, low resolution screen about four feet off the ground. 'Those are really spy bots,' Steve Cousins told me when I visited Willow Garage yesterday, pointing out that the people you're interacting with can't see you very well. Texai's big selling point over the competition will be that a user's face is clearly visible to the people his robot-double interacts with, enabling true, two-way communication, said Cousins."

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