Thursday, April 7, 2011

One Per Cent: Quantum effect fuels colour-fast holograms

One Per Cent: Quantum effect fuels colour-fast holograms: "To overcome this, Kawata, Miyu Ozaki and Jun-ichi Kato harnessed a quantum surface effect. Metal films contain free electrons that oscillate on the surface and interact with incoming photons. Called a surface plasmon polariton, this surface wave is�confined within a light wavelength of the surface and can be harnessed to cause interference effects. By recording their holograms on 55-nanometre-thick metal films with red, green and blue lasers, they can ensure that the 3D image anybody sees is always the same colour - from any angle.

'Currently 3D TV receivers, 3D games machines and 3D movie theatre screens create an illusion using left and right eye images reconstructed by the brain,' says Kawata. 'We are creating an optical field in 3D from the actual object in natural colour - there is no illusion.'"

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