Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fermilab Data Hint At Possible New Particle - Science News

Fermilab Data Hint At Possible New Particle - Science News:  A new particle similar to but heavier than the W boson and Z boson would explain the observed excess. W and Z bosons are fundamental particles that transmit the weak force, which is responsible for radioactive decay...

Looking at collision products at energies between 120 billion and 160 billion electron volts, the physicists saw an unexpected peak: They found about 250 more such events than predicted by the standard model...

In an article that Hooper and colleagues posted online at on April 1 (, they propose a particle that could explain both new findings. The team calculated that a hypothetical particle known as the Z’ boson, a heavier cousin of the Z boson with a proposed mass of 150 billion electron volts, could account for both results if the particle interacts strongly with quarks but avoids interactions with electrons and their heavier brothers, muons.

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