Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quantum trickery could lead to stealth radar - tech - 31 March 2011 - New Scientist

Quantum trickery could lead to stealth radar: "The team are now developing transmitters that will release one of the beams at a target, while keeping the other near the transmitter. When a photon hits the target, it bounces back towards the transmitter in a process that alters the photon. When it returns to the detector, the altered photon is no longer strictly entangled with its pair, but Guha says his team has shown 'there is still some remnant memory that remains between the two photons'.

The researchers hope to discern information about the target such as its distance, size and velocity based on changes to the properties of the recaptured photon - such as polarisation, frequency and momentum - compared to its former partner."

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