Friday, December 10, 2010

Rooting For Swarm Intelligence In Plants - Science News

Rooting For Swarm Intelligence In Plants - Science News: Three plant scientists now propose that roots growing this way and that in their dark and dangerous soil world may fit a definition for what’s called swarm intelligence. Each tip in a root system acquires information at least partly independently, says plant cell biologist František Baluška of the University of Bonn in Germany. If that information gets processed in interactions with other roots and the whole tangle then solves what might be considered a cognitive problem in a way that a lone root couldn’t, he says, then that would be swarm intelligence.

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  1. BioCulture,(Swarm)Culture And Intelligence

    A. "Rooting for swarm intelligence in plants"
    Researchers argue for a type of vegetative group decision making usually associated with humans and social animals, and go out on a limb by also proposing that information may be transmitted electrically.

    B. BioCulture,(Swarm)Culture And Intelligence

    The core (wordnet.princeton) definition of "intelligence" is "the ability to comprehend, to understand and profit from experience". These surviving abilities are different for the different phenotypes within a genotype, therefore each phenotype has its own meaning of "intelligence".

    All biological entities are intelligent. It takes intelligence to survive, i.e. to temporarily constrain more energy in order to postpone the self-constitutional energy fueling the cosmic expansion.

    C. Multicellular organisms, including WE,
    - derive from communities of cooperative monocellular organisms, that
    - derive from cooperative associations of DNA (or RNA) genes, which are also organisms, that
    - were evolved, are produced and employed by RNA genes, which are Earth's primary base organisms.

    D. Shock yourself:
    - Imagine plants upside down. Their root system are their head/brain complex.
    - Other, non-self-replicating mass formats, f.e. black holes, are "intelligent", too. Even if they do not have "comprehension" and/or "understanding" mechanisms, they do know "how to profit from experience" and keep gobbling mass/energy to temporarily survive, to postpone sharing the fate of all spin-array mass-formats as fuel for expanding the cosmos.

    Dov Henis
    (Comments From The 22nd Century)
    03.2010 Updated Life Manifest
    Cosmic Evolution Simplified
    Gravity Is The Monotheism Of The Cosmos
    Evolution, Natural Selection, Derive From Cosmic Expansion