Sunday, December 5, 2010

Black Holes In The Bathtub - Science News

Black Holes In The Bathtub - Science News: "The Canadian team with the water-based black hole analog now sees the radiation in the form of water waves. Another team observes photons emitted from a black hole analog in glass. Yet another has created a black hole in ultracold gas that could be probed for the signal in the form of sound. These lab-made emitters of Hawking radiation share one required feature with their astrophysical counterparts — a point of no return, analogous to the black hole’s outer boundary, or event horizon...
These and other analog systems may help solve a lingering problem in Hawking’s original proposal. His model suggested that radiating light could have wavelengths shorter than the Planck length, supposedly the shortest length allowed by quantum mechanics. If light could have such short wavelengths, and thus really high frequencies, one photon could carry more energy than contained in the entire universe — clearly fishy. Hawking had wanted to eliminate this possibility, but he couldn’t make his equations work without it."

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