Friday, September 10, 2010

Physicists investigate fate of five-dimensional black strings

Physicists investigate fate of five-dimensional black strings: "Formulated in 1969 by Roger Penrose, the cosmic censorship hypothesis says that there are no naked singularities other than the Big Bang singularity; all other singularities must be isolated from the rest of the universe by some kind of horizon. The purpose of cosmic censorship is to preserve the universe's causality, since a naked singularity would make causality break down and make it impossible to predict the behavior of future space-time based on the behavior of past space-time.
“I would say the thing of most import about our work is it establishes that, at least in five dimensions, there are 'reasonable' solutions to Einstein's field equations, i.e., solutions that don't have naked singularities and aren't special in any way, yet they naturally evolve to a nakedly-singular state,” Pretorius told “Whether higher dimensions are key here (or whether they even exist!) is an open question, but at least this shows that the Einstein equations themselves don't possess some 'magical' property that generically would enforce cosmic censorship.”"

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