Friday, August 27, 2010

Black holes dark matter = light - space - 27 August 2010 - New Scientist

Black holes dark matter = light: "They found that rather than simply ricocheting off one another, some of the electrons and dark matter particles could fuse together, transforming into a single, supersymmetric or extra-dimensional version of the electron. This particle would be heavy, and much of the electron's kinetic energy would be dumped into making the new particle. As a result, the particle would be almost standing still.

If the particle were then to decay into an electron and a ground-state dark matter particle, the electron would release gamma rays. Unlike a particle travelling fast, like those in the jets, the slow-moving particle would emit rays that could travel in any direction. This could potentially make them easier to distinguish from the flood of photons in the jet, says collaborator Mikhail Gorshteyn of Indiana University in Bloomington."

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