Monday, August 2, 2010

[1007.5472] Perturbative quantum E7(7) symmetry in N=8 supergravity

[1007.5472] Perturbative quantum E7(7) symmetry in N=8 supergravity: "We study the perturbative quantisation of N = 8 supergravity in a formulation where its E7(7) symmetry is realised off-shell. Relying on the cancellation of SU(8) current anomalies we show that there are no anomalies for the non-linearly realised E7(7) either; this result extends to all orders in perturbation theory. As a conse- quence, the e7(7) Ward identities can be consistently implemented and imposed at all orders in perturbation theory, and therefore potential divergent counterterms must in particular respect the full non-linear E7(7) symmetry."

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